About The College



Established in 1983, the College was known as Msasa Vocational Training College and had only six lectures, one being female. It was mainly aimed at upgrade training, shaping and directing talent and creativity through upgrade training. If creativity is a latent in a human, it can be activated by study and experimentation. Skills upgrading as it was known, was aimed at identifying talents in employed persons with no qualifications but had the know how to perform the job. They were trained so as to attain relevant qualifications and were then trade tested.


Established as a small Vocational Training College under the Ministry of Manpower development in conjunction with MTB with only two departments namely Automotive and Mechanical Engineering, the College now boasts of six departments namely Automotive Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Wood Technology, Building and ICT.


In January 2002 the College was upgraded to a Technology College. This meant that apart from training the college would now also engage in research and development. The College was no longer limited to Automotive and Mechanical Engineering. This saw the addition of other fields of study and a new curriculum that encourage research, critical thinking, creativity, discovery based on areas of need. It tested intelligence, perceptiveness, cleverness, patience, self confidence and teamwork in students.


After research the students would then attempt to produce a device, structure or processes that were functional in everyday life. Pilot models were built and tested. In actual fact students were tested for ingenuity, creativity, good judgement and strong aptitude in their areas of specialization.

In 2005 the college was again transformed into an Industrial Training College with the thrust of skills upgrading. This ensured that the country has educated and relevant manpower available for industry. Whenever the training of semi-skilled manpower that has been certified by an initial trade test is mentioned, MITC is just the place. It is the catchment area for industry as evidenced by graduates being absorbed by big companies.